David Diem


Hello and Hoi, I am a PhD student at the University of Konstanz's Linguistics Department in Konstanz, Germany. My research is about the syntax of Alemannic.

Constrained by FOFC: a shift back to head-finality in Alemannic verb clusters

Molly Rolf and I argue for a shift from head-initial verb clusters ("dass I han-1 wella-2 goo-3") to head-final ones ("dass I goo-3 wella-2 han-1"). Of two logically possible routes, this, we argue, goes via 132 ("han-1 goo-3 wella-2"), and not via *231 ("wella-2 goo-3 han-1"), which is a piece of Alemannic evidence for the FOFC.

  • DGfS2024 AG8 (File coming soon)

Alemannic Verb Doubling as realized lower copies of V

I argue for a head movement + copy analysis of Verb Doubling ("ga schaffa"), and simultaneously for a head-initial analysis of the verbal domain in Alemannic.

Alemannic R-Pronoun Doubling from PP and DP (with Colin Davis)

Colin Davis and I argue that so-called R-pronouns ("da") undergo a double spellout in Alemannic when extracted from PP ("do deför") and possibly DP ("dode"). Our analysis also serves as a basis for a unified explanation of North German and German variants of this construction ("da … für").